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The Editorial Board of IJISAR comprises of highly intellectual personnel who possess expertise in their respective fields. Each manuscript is closely evaluated by the Editors and prepared in due course for publication. The suggestions put forth by the editors for the improvement of a manuscript should be given due importance and must be adhered to. Editor-in-Chief holds the right to discard or reject a manuscript, if it is deemed unworthy or has been found to violate the terms of the journal. Editors may please note that:

  • All manuscripts must be evaluated thoroughly before publication.
  • The formatting of all manuscripts should be done in the format put forth by IJISAR.
  • All queries regarding manuscripts should be attended to within a stipulated time of 24-36 hours.
  • Editors are expected to maintain complete confidentiality about the working and policies of the journal (as expressed in their contract).
  • We honour each and every member of the Editorial Board and their suggestions and comments for the benefit of the journal are more than welcome.